Go Green

GoGreenMany of our clients want to embrace green technologies when communicating their message and we are committed to providing only the best solutions to meet their expectations!

Imagenation Systems will show you how audio and video conferencing will reduce CO2 emissions, travel cost and waste. Control systems can help ensure energy usage and power efficiency are maximized. Shade Control systems can harvest daylight and help with climate control. Replace environmentally-unfriendly printed signs with digital signage.

Audiovisual technology is a key component in creating a “green” building and is often overlooked. Imagenation Systems has completed various projects in LEED certified buildings. Other than the obvious environmental factors, going green is cost effective. “An upfront investment of 2% in green building design, on average, results in life cycle savings of 20% of the total construction costs – more than ten times the initial investment.” US Green Building Council.

Smart technology incorporated into new or existing buildings helps to reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint. As well as doing your part for the environment, going green is a cost effective solution where the lifetime financial benefits far outweigh the initial investments.