Depositphotos_7735857_originalGovernments are charged with the duty to protect and serve the public - utilizing advanced audiovisual technologies are essential in the modern public sphere to analyze data, effectively communicate within and outside organizations, and provide up-to-date informational resources. It is vital that governmental organizations have dependable tools and systems that allow them to make informed decisions that will affect citizens and the country.

Imagenation Systems can provide solutions for town, city, county, state and federal buildings - including telepresence, presentation and video teleconference systems.

We also provide:

  • Distance Learning
  • Emergency Notification Signage
  • ADA and Green Technologies
  • On-demand Course Retrieval Systems
  • Streaming and Archival Solutions
  • Smart Classrooms
  • Climate & Lighting Controls
  • Energy Management Systems/Energy Dashboards
  • Room Control Integration
  • Intercoms & Mass Notification Systems
  • Lighting & Shade Automation
  • Digital Signage
  • Audio-Visual Consulting
  • Systems Design & Training