A/V For Churches

Imagenation Systems creates audiovisual solutions and designs for new constructions and those that can easily blend into a traditional sanctuary’s architecture while also having that extra “pop” for more progressive, contemporary venues.

Advanced Media Solutions For Worship

Churches of all sizes have the same needs: to have a worship experience that inspires and teaches the congregation; and the ability to have your spiritual message received by the congregation while facilitating outreach.

Value is found in updating and adding multimedia in sanctuaries, auditoriums and other facilities because audiovisual technology maximizes the ability to get your mission heard and understood.

We Also Provide

  • Large Screen Projection
  • Plasma & LCD Displays
  • Acoustical Testing and Treatment
  • Service Recording, Archiving, and Distribution
  • Central Control Rooms
  • Lighting Controls/Presets
  • Guest Kiosks
  • Remote Facility Access
  • Volunteer Training
  • Digital Signage
  • Audio-Visual Consulting
  • Systems Design & Training


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