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Our Imagenation Systems media design experts work closely with your organization to transform your audio visual visions into reality through open and honest collaboration backed by our decades of experience in the corporate media industry.

Powerhouse Media For Business

Corporate Audio Visual Design and Implementation begins first with a detailed assessment and evaluation of your existing environment. This is an interactive process that combines the efforts of both vendor and client teams into a single unit focused on a common goal to facilitate effective communication and remain competitive in the marketplace.

Imagenation Systems is ready to work with you to answer all your technology questions and bring your project vision to life.

Corporate Boardrooms

Corporate boardrooms are essential in business operations and effective communication. Not only are they an area for corporate leaders to meet, they are also the area clients will gather for meetings and presentations. Today’s boardrooms demand the latest in Audio Visual technology. Each meeting is a unique opportunity to manage, communicate, collaborate and inspire. And each time you meet, whether with an individual or a large group, you need to make a statement and a lasting impression.

Imagenation Systems can provide anything from basic teleconferencing, flat panel displays or projection systems to advanced video conferencing and multi-control-roomed solutions with custom touch panel control systems and beyond.

Conference and Training Facilities

Conference and Training Facilities are the “command centers” of your business and need to communicate complex information during meetings, presentations and other exchanges of information. Whether you are conducting business or training exercises, it is vitally important to have the needed technology to accomplish business goals.

Imagenation Systems is certified to integrate an audiovisual system in your learning and meeting environment, whether you need a basic projector and conferencing system or a cutting-edge video, audio, display and control system.

Video & Audio Conferencing

In today’s corporate environment it is essential to have video and audio conferencing capabilities as a tool to enhance the communication and collaboration experience. Most businesses and organizations have embraced these technologies and are seeing the benefits of an increase in organizational productivity and decrease in travel budgets.

Imagenation Systems can design, integrate and install simple teleconference systems as well as the industry’s most advanced video and audio conferencing systems.

Digital Signage

Digital Signage in the marketplace is a must have to get your informational or advertising message to the masses. As a rapidly growing trend, it is seen throughout public and private environments from corporate buildings to retail stores. The benefits speak for themselves: content can be exchanged easily with needed graphics including video and multimedia content; signage can adapt to the audience and context; and your organization can add interactive solutions to informational needs.

A solution from Imagenation Systems can provide small, medium, or large single displays or advanced large video walls inside and outside your building.

We Also Provide

  • Boardrooms/Conference Rooms
  • Training Rooms
  • Auditoriums
  • Libraries
  • Shared Spaces
  • Projection Systems
  • Interactive Whiteboards
  • Document Cameras
  • Sound Systems
  • Video/Audio Conferencing
  • Digital Signage
  • AV Control Systems
  • Lighting & Control
  • On Demand Training
  • Corporate Communications
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Technology Systems- Projectors, Displays & Sound
  • Systems
  • Room Control Integration
  • Videoconferencing Systems
  • Lighting & Shade Control
  • Audio-Visual Consulting, Systems Design & Training


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