A/V For Education

Imagenation Systems provides audio systems, video display systems, videoconferencing, interactive whiteboards, and monitoring systems for schools, colleges and universities in both the public and private sector.

Cutting Edge Multimedia Solutions for Education

It is imperative for institutions of higher education to serve rural and populated areas, manage faculty shortages, and provide paramount education while increasing revenue and cutting costs. Cutting edge technologies improve the quality of education for students and provide faculty with the tools to be more efficient in pedagogy and administration.

Providing students with advanced audiovisual multi-media technologies allows an educator to not only improve retention and comprehension, but also allows lectures and entire courses to be shared with students in different geographical locations.

We Also Provide

  • Smart Classrooms
  • Projection Systems
  • Distance Learning
  • Command and Control
  • Lighting & Shade Automation
  • Digital Signage
  • Audio-Visual Consulting
  • Systems Design & Training


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